Welcome to Little Salty Seahorse
Welcome to Little Salty Seahorse
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About Us

Little Salty Seahorse is a family crafting business that primarily uses locally sourced hand-picked pebbles, sea glass, driftwood, seashells etc… to create Unique Pieces Of Hand Crafted Art. Each individual piece that has been collected from the shores of Strangford Lough and The Ards Peninsula has its own secret story.

They have travelled in the ocean for many years and have been shaped and worn by the elements. This means that no two artworks are ever identical. We endeavour to create thoughtfully handcrafted gifts from things that our beautiful coastline has provided.

We also make sure to protect our environment by taking rubbish off the beaches while we collect our pebbles. We also buy washed pebbles from our local DIY stores to replenish the stones we take from the shoreline, so we do not contribute to coastal erosion.